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Jim Nolan

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John Borkgren


It may be of interest to you, that my grandfather, Sgt. Henry Andrew Johnson was also in Co. E, 28th Infantry and at Cantigny. He received a 'citation for conspicous galantry' after his platoon leader had been put out of action and then reorganized the platoon which was suffering heavy loses. I wonder if that was 2nd Lt John Curry. Three battalions of the 1st Division were involved, the 1st battalion, 2nd and the 3rd. The 2nd was made up of companies D, E and F. So, the 2nd battalion was in the middle of the engagement and E company was in the middle of the middle. One of the researchers at the First Division Museum in Wheaton (near where I live) told me that E Company was one of the first to make it into Cantigny, where they then fought of five counterattacks.

My grandfather was a swedish imigrant who came to the US in 1907 and joined the 28th Infantry in 1912 (first based at Ft. Snelling if I remeber correctly, Minnesota).

I enjoyed reading you posts!
All the best,

Jim Nolan

John, that'san amazing story. I did not know they fought off five counter attacks. Lt. Curry, was killed on May 28. (I bet he knew your grandfather.) I'm not sure if he was the platoon leader--haven't come across that anywhere. I believe he was killed by a sniper late that afternoon. I will try to find a newspaper account of the day in which his friends comment on the circumstances and send you the link. Thanks so much for leaving a comment. I am trying to figure out how to make them appear all the time without clicking the comments page.

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