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Alice Henry Whitmore

Oh wow. Not only is this cartoon funny, but it brings back memories. When my brothers and sister and I were small, we used to catch fireflies. (Or 'lightning bugs', as we called yhem in Southern Illinois). The lucky ones ended up in mason jars. The unlucky ones decorated our ring fingers as 'diamonds'.

Jim Nolan

Wow, I have not heard that use of fireflies before, Alice. Poor little bugs. But I'm sure I did a bunch in by keeping them in the jar too long. I hope you and the Dude are having a great 4th out at the beach!

Alice Henry Whitmore

Yes, I cringe when I think of this today. You Buffalo Kids must have been a more humane bunch. It was one of my brother's friends from California who admitted to doing this -- and thus reminding me. And yes, we did have a fab 4th! Thx!

Jim Nolan

I'm sure if we thought of it we would have tried it. Glad you had a nice 4th! Such a great holiday.

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