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Alice Henry Whitmore

This made me laugh out loud. But then all your pieces do! Fun footnote for you: my Haircutter Guy also cuts male celebrities' hair. (He 'does' Woody Allen and John Tuturro, for example.) Anyway. He was approached by The Donald's 'people' early in the campaign about a hair makeover. Once he told them that he would have to assess la Trump's locks in person, the deal was off. I guess somebody was afraid to expose what -- if anything -- was under there. Or, as I told Haircutter Guy as he snipped away on my own personal locks, 'branding is all; they wouldn't DARE change that hair!'

Jim Nolan

Thanks, Alice. Trump's hair is just weird. If you saw someone of the street with hair like that, you'd think he was insane.

One of my friend' works in the TV industry, and tells me that men out in L.A. don't dye their hair, they get "color bumps." What a great expression!

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