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Alice Henry Whitmore

OMG! You guys! So perfect. In fact, I went to a friend's book signing a couple of weeks ago. Guess what her book was/is? 'Color Me Home' (or something). Seriously good. But I'm with you. Coloring? And INSIDE the lines???

Alice Henry Whitmore

How hilarious! And how timely! One of my friends, Durrell Godfrey, just published her second Grownup Coloring Book, the name of which I've forgotten (!) But her first one was called 'Color me Cluttered'. I'm not sure I could get into it, even with whiskey. But I do like to support my friends, so I bought one anyway.

Jim Nolan

I tried the coloring myself, Alice, and I actually kinda liked it. Relaxing, even without the whisky. But alas the habit didn't last...

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